EQUALS: Reimagining Our Economy
RACISM, REBELLIONS AND THE ECONOMY – with Professor Darrick Hamilton

RACISM, REBELLIONS AND THE ECONOMY – with Professor Darrick Hamilton

Racism. Today's protests. Rebellions. The economy. Inequality. Structural change. Hope. We speak to the brilliant Professor Darrick Hamilton about all of this. He’s an “intellectual giant” behind thinking on the racial wealth gap and inequality, who's bold policy ideas have been championed by a number of US political figures.

We speak to Professor Hamilton about what is happening in the United States right now, and the way in which coronavirus has disproportionately impacted black communities. This podcast episode is above all about solidarity with black communities in the United States, in the face of structural racism and violence. We discuss:

Is there something racist in the design of our current economic model?
How do race and class interact?
How was the progress of the new deal and the civil rights movement impeded?
How do we ensure our economy truly delivers racial and economic justice?
Is there any hope?

A fascinating, moving and truly unforgettable conversation that we're honored to have with Darrick Hamilton, who is professor of public policy, economics, sociology, and African American studies at Ohio State University and the executive director of the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity. 

This is the latest part of the EQUALS #InequalityVirus mini-series.  Do listen, subscribe and share it with your friends and family. And follow us on @equalshope on Twitter.

Hosted by Nabil Ahmed and Nadia Daar.

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