EQUALS: Reimagining Our Economy
THE INEQUALITY VIRUS – How Coronavirus Preys on The Vulnerable

THE INEQUALITY VIRUS – How Coronavirus Preys on The Vulnerable

Coronavirus threatens us all. With each day, more of us are being personally affected by coronavirus. Estimates now show that the virus could kill millions of people. Hundreds more millions of people could be pushed into poverty.

And it is clear how coronavirus is exposing and exploiting the extreme inequality that defines our world – and preying on the world’s most vulnerable people. 

EQUALS is a podcast about fighting inequality and building a fairer world. 

The virus is on everyone’s minds and in the next few episodes we want to give listeners perspectives that connect different issues and explore the relationship between coronavirus and inequality: from what it means for the world’s workers and what it means for women, to the powerful role of public health systems and the long-term impacts on our global economy. 

We bring you a mini-series all about coronavirus and inequality. 

The mini-series kicks off this week with Max, Nadia and Nabil – the co-hosts of the EQUALS podcast – taking a birds eye view of how the many different facets of inequality are playing out with this pandemic. 

Bringing you stories and statistics from our different perspectives, we talk home schooling to ventilators and the role of aid, and how coronavirus exploits the gap between rich and poor people, rich and poor nations and between women and men. 

We try to find some hope in what it could mean for the future of our world.

Do let us know your suggestions for the next few episodes, and do share us your stories on equals@oxfam.org.

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Stay safe and do take care.

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EQUALS: Reimagining Our Economy
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